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Bedding House Van Gogh Partout des Fleurs Gold Kimono Bath Robe Small/Medium

Bedding House Van Gogh Partout des Fleurs Gold Kimono Bath Robe Small/Medium

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The Van Gogh Partout des Fleurs Gold Kimono Bath Robe by Bedding House echoes the Bouquet d'Anniversaire. This bouquet is a treat from the Van Gogh Museum, and therefore from Vincent himself, in honour of the museum's 50th anniversary. This golden jubilee will be celebrated with a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers hailing from various flower paintings in the museum's own collection. For example, you can find flowers from the paintings: Irises, Small Bottle with Peonies and Blue Delphinium, Vase with Chinese Asters and Gladioli, Sunflowers and, of course, the classic Almond Blossoms in orange, yellow, white, green, red, brown, blue, purple, pink, and grey colour tones. These cut flowers are on a golden background, and this design looks gorgeous on the kimono. This is a unique design for a unique moment in the history of Van Gogh and the Van Gogh Museum. This kimono is the height of opulence.

High quality

The kimono Partout des Fleurs is made of 100% high-quality Lyocell with a quality of 115 gr/m2. The kimono can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees and is suitable for tumble drying.

More sustainable material

Lyocell is made from eucalyptus wood that is grown in a much more controlled and regulated manner, as the chemicals are filtered and reused – unlike the production process with many other raw materials, where the chemicals used end up in natural environments. This makes Lyocell much more sustainable.


  • Floral Print Design

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Kimono Bath Robe - Small/Medium - see image


  • Tencel

Care Instructions:

  • Wash up to 30 degrees
  • Suitable for tumble dryer
  • Iron on medium heat
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